What was that you’d like to submit a piece of your writing to The Brass Pestle? Well that’s great! It’s easy enough, simply send an email to thebrasspestle@gmail.com containing the piece you wish to submit, it’s title, and finally the name you wish to use for authorship, you may use a pen name if you so desire. Once the email is received your work shall be published on the blog within a few days. You’ll receive an email as soon as your work is published! From there, feel free to comment on your own piece, or other’s and spread the site around. The more discussion that occurs, the more potential for writing improvement exists.

The copyright to any work published on the site is retained by the author/current copyright holder of the work. If for whatever reason you have a work published on the site that must be removed, simply send an email and it shall be. The Brass Pestle only holds copyright to original content(Site Updates, and pages such as this one.).

Aside: Once you’ve sent your work to The Brass Pestle it might need to be edited a bit for publishing(Though it likely won’t be necessary) on the site. If it is necessary however, you will be sent the edited version of your work prior to it’s publication to ensure you are content with the edits. Once that’s finished your work shall be published on the site, and you shall receive email notification.

Please take note that we currently do not charge for submissions, and we also do not pay for published works.


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