Immortal – Thom Edwards

Immortal– Thom Edwards, May 28, 2012

I was there at the beginning,
and I’ll be there at the end.
I’ve travelled the world a thousand times,
I’ve made enemies and friends.

I’ve been to so many places,
and seen so many things.
I’ve lived what people only dream,
and sat with kings and queens.

I’ve walked a thousand miles,
and I’ll walk a thousand more.
I’ve lived in times of peace and joy,
and fought in countless wars.

I’ve climbed the highest mountains.
and swam the deepest seas.
I’m immune to broken bones,
bullets or disease.

I’ve been to every country,
I’m fluent in every tongue.
I’ve received the highest honours,
and been on the run.

I was at the fall of troy,
I watched Alexander die.
I remember when the towers fell,
I heard Churchill’s speeches live.

I doubt the existence of God,
I don’t believe in fate.
Though the past is gone forever,
I find its never too late.

(c)Copyright Thom 2012


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