Jeremiah 9:4 – Will Goldin

Jeremiah 9:4– Will Goldin, May 27,2012

Hollow sinking, skulking, stinking.
Phantom “friends” come falsely,
Or rather, come not.
Leaving me abandoned, alone,
To rot.

Trust not your enemies, and trust less your friends.
Self-serving, soul-less snakes!
Or rather, “friends.”
Forsaking me for the crowd,
For petty trends!

What am I to them but a worn out dog?
They do not need me, yet I need them.
Or rather, I need anyone.
Someone else to lie, cheat, and pretend,
Slither into my world, take my trust and run.

For so long as men love there will be whores,
And so long as men live there will be snakes.
We are selfish creatures through and through.
Some say there yet be a man with honor, loyalty, and respect,
But I’m not sure tis true.

So as I live unto I die,
I will trust not my neighbor, and trust less my friend.
Ere he take my heart
And stretch it past its mortal end.


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